Pinot Grigio  -  IGT

Harvested at the beginning of September when the grapes are appropriately ripe. Soft pressing of the grapes occurs upon arrival at the winery. The must is then cooled to 50° F for approximately 24 hours. Fermentation is completed with selected yeasts. The wine is refined for 5-6 months in stainless steel tanks and then bottled.

Alcohol: 12%

Color: Straw to copper yellow

Aroma: Fruity and intense with notes of white flowers.

Taste: It is dry, soft and well-balanced.

Excellent as an aperitif. Ideal with fish starters, rice or pasta dishes with fish, white meat, boiled or grilled fish and soufflés. Serve between 46-50 ° F.

Vini di Bacco wines are very drinkable wines as they provide a soft and well-balanced taste. These wines are reasonably priced and can be enjoyed with everyday meals.

Vini di Bacco Pinot Grigio is produced in Veneto Italy.