Pinot Grigio
Italo Cescon's Apostoli Pinot Grigio is an IGT wine produced in eastern Veneto using 100% Pinot Grigio grapes. These grapes are harvested by hand in the early morning hours of the day. They then go through a soft pressing and are fermented with selected yeasts at a controlled temperature of 59°-64° F. The wine is aged in stainless-steel tanks for 3-5 months and then in bottles for another 2-3 months.
This wine has a strong straw yellow color with an intense aroma and notes of nutmeg, peach, ripened apple and citrus. It has a dry and elegant taste, with strong hints of orange peel. It is remarkably sapid, long and harmonic.

Apostoli Pinot Grigio can be enjoyed with fish dishes, light hors d’oeuvres, vegetable soups and soft cheeses. This wine should be served between 46° - 50° F.

SVEJO - Manzoni Bianco
IGT Veneto
Aroma: Exceptional elegance, initially with hints of citrus, peach and apricot, then pineapple and apple blended with floral and spicy nuances.
Taste: Superb texture and depth, with lively flavors on the palate and a nice finish mirroring the aromas. A lengthy finish with hints of quince apple.
Serving suggestions: Vegetable soups, ricotta and spinach stuffed pasta shells. Best served between 46-50° F.

MEJO- Sauvignon
IGT Veneto
Aroma: Exceptional elegance, initially with hints of green peppers, tomato leaves, peach and melon, then more complex impressions with sage and mint evident.
Taste: Superb texture and depth, with lively flavors on the palate and a nice finish mirroring the aromas. An almost endless, smooth finish.
Serving suggestions: Ham, hors d'oeuvres, asparagus and vegetable soups. Excellent between 46-50° F.

RABIÀ - Raboso
DOC Piave
Color: Intense ruby red with garnet highlights.
Aroma: A stunning bouquet generous and full, that releases wild violets and a definite fragrance of morello cherry.
Taste: Dry and austere, with very full flavors, subtly acidic, completely appealing.
Serving suggestions: Pigeon on the spit, red-wine beef stew, aged cheeses. Best if served between 64-68° F.

CHIETO - Merlot & Cabernet
IGT Veneto
Color: Intense, deep ruby red.
Aroma: Very appealing, with rich, generous aromas, releasing hints of spice and green pepper, blueberry, and tobacco leaves.
Taste: Exhibits good concentration and acidity with aromatic qualities. A complex, lingering finish shows hints of earth and black currants.
Serving suggestions: Steak, hare and rabbit stews or marinades, roasts and aged cheeses. Best served at 65° F.

Italo Cescon's brand new “i Cru” line consists of red and white wines with strong personalities. Over the years, Italo Cescon has comprised a line of superb wines that have been produced through experience, tradition and dedication in the vineyards. The “i Cru” line discovers this in four new wines of truly distinctive and elegant qualities.

IGT Veneto
Straw yellow color with green hues. A fresh and fragrant aroma that is delicately intense. The wine's taste is fresh and elegant with good structure and a full body. An off-dry wine displaying a nice acidity. Can be enjoyed with seafood, chicken, veal and oysters. Best served between 46-50° F.

DOC Piave

Aroma is rich and complex, youthfully fruity with elegant notes of cherry. A dry wine with good hints of fruit combined with nuances of spices and vanilla. Enjoy with roasts of both light and red meats, game, poultry, and cheeses. Best when served between 64-68°F.

Pinot Noir
IGT Veneto
Ruby red in color. Provides an elegant bouquet suggesting fruit and rose petals. Contains abundant spices and provides a lengthy finish.  A full-flavored wine that goes well with roasts of both light and red meats; game.  Should be served between 60-64°F.

Pinot Grigio
IGT Veneto

Intense aroma with slight hints of nutmeg, peach, and acacia. A dry, crisp and fresh wine with strong, fruity overtones and hints of orange zest. It has a rich, persistent flavour that is lengthy and elegant. Is best served as an aperitif or with seafood dishes. Also goes well with white meats at around 46-50° F.


IGT Veneto

Typically fruity with notes of peach, apple, and more complex overtones of exotic fruit and hazelnut. Dry, rich, opulent, pleasingly fresh-tasting and buttery, with good texture and good length and harmony. A long and velvety flavor. Best served with Salmon risotto, swordfish with olives, grilled scampi, and soft cheeses.

IGT Veneto

An intense ruby red color. Intense bouquet with fruity overtones; full and spicy. Tastes warm and dry, but intense, with a strong after-aroma.  Has a full, gentle, and persistent finish. Best served with white meat, poultry, and dishes prepared using giblets.


​​IGT Veneto

Ruby red color with violet reflexes. Has an intense aroma that is fruity and spicy. Complex and well balanced. Dry, rich, and concentrated with strong, fruity overtones and notes of vanilla. Should be served with red meat, poultry and hard/strong cheeses.

The Tralcetto is the piece of vine tied to the neck of Italo Cescon bottles. It is a piece of history from the Cescon family and signifies where the wine comes from and the hard work that was involved in making it. These wines can be identified by their unique and beautiful presentation. The Tralcetto line consists of distinctive red and white wines that are produced in Friuli & Veneto.

forward their efforts in making exquisite wines that are known throughout the world. These are honest, natural wines that have been carefully studied and developed by the Cescon family. Cescon's hard work and dedication has been proven through the quality of their wines and the beautiful presentations that come along with them. Over the years, the Cescon family has increased their portfolio offering us a greater selection of wines, which fully express the characteristics of their land.

Since 1957, Italo Cescon has been producing wines in the beautiful regions of Veneto & Friuli - Italy. Today, Cescon continues to cultivate in the same regions to bring that same joy and great taste to the table. The Cescon family has put

Classification: Spumante DOC Extra Dry

Variety: 100% Glera

Production Zone: Vines from Treviso

Color: Straw yellow.

Aroma: Intense, fruity and floral with golden apple, peach and white flowers. A fragrant scent of toasted bread.

Taste: Fresh, round and fruity with a long finish.

Serve with: First courses with vegetables or delicate sauces. White meats, shellfish and seafood. Perfect with appetizers or in the Venetian tradition: Sopressa salami or fried radicchio. Best served at 43°F in sparkling wine glasses.

Prosecco Superiore
Classification: Spumante Superiore DOCG Brut

Variety: 100% Glera

Production Zone: Vines from the Valdobbiadene zone.

Color: Straw yellow with a creamy froth. Small and persistent bubbles.

Aroma: Elegant, floral, fruity and fragrant with fresh golden apple, pear and a scent of toasted bread.

Taste: Taste is soft and clean with elegant bubbles which intensify aromas. Savory with a good body.

Serve with: Seafood appetizers, stuffed zucchini flowers and white meats. Perfect with the Venetian tradition: Sopressa salami or Treviso roasted pork panini. Best served at 43°F in sparkling wine glasses.

There are always those special occasions with family and friends, which can be celebrated with the popping of the cork. Italo Cescon produces DOC and DOCG Proseccos that consist of full, fruity fragrances with exceptional flavor.