Sangue di Giuda   DOC Sweet Sparkling Red 
Grape Variety: 45% Croatina, 45% Barbera, 5% Ughetta, 5% Uva Rara
Production area: Southwest Lombardy - Oltrepò Pavese - DOC
Soil: Mainly clayey with a presence of limestone
Altitude: 300-350 meters above sea level
Cultivation: Low yields
Alcohol Volume: 7.5 % by vol.
Harvest: Harvested by hand after a careful analysis of the sugar levels. Grapes are selected by vine and by vineyards according to their ripening.
Vinification: Grapes are de-stemmed and crushed and then undergo traditional fermentation in steel tanks at a controlled temperature to maintain a high sugar level. Bottling generally starts in February or March following the harvest.
Tasting: This naturally sparkling wine has an intense crimson-red color. It contains a very fruity fragrance that includes crushed berries, dark plums and black cherries. The wine has good acidity, which balances its sweetness. It has a delicate, fresh and fruity taste that is best enjoyed while the wine is young. Exceptional with fruit tarts, almond desserts and fine pastries.

Cantine Francesco Montagna's Sangue di Giuda should be stored at 46° F and is best served at around 50° F.

Cantine Francesco Montagna was among the first wine producers to be established in the Oltrepò Pavese zone, which is located in Lombardy. The company has been transforming grapes into wine with increasing expertise and unchanged zeal for over a century. It boasts a long history in Broni, the ancient village with a great wine-making tradition. This territory produces universally esteemed red and white wines with superb bouquets.
Cantine Francesco Montagna has been producing wine since 1895. Today, its vineyard, which covers a plot of over 20 hectares, produces 500,000 bottles annually