Chiarle Piemonte Moscato

Appellation: Piemonte Moscato D.O.C.
Grape variety: 100% Moscato
Vineyard: 22 acres of Moscato vines
Sun Exposure: Southwest exposure. Layout allows for optimum sun exposure throughout the entire day.
Harvest: Grapes are picked manually throughout the first and third weeks of September.
Annual production: 20,000 bottles


Color: Straw-yellow
Bouquet: A rich aroma that contains fragrance of the Moscato grapes, mixed with a slight scent of sage and wisteria.
Taste: A lovely, sweet flavor harmoniously balanced with acidity and a moderate percentage of alcohol.
Serving suggestions: Serve chilled with fruits, desserts, pastries or as an aperitif. Also great to drink any time of day or for special occasions!

Chiarle Piemonte Moscato is a sweet and semi-sparkling wine with an alcohol content of 5.5%. This wine has a straw-yellow color with a flowery fragrance reminiscent of Moscato grapes. It provides a fresh, sweet taste with a balanced acidity. This Piemonte Moscato can be enjoyed chilled at around 47° F. and is ideal with fruits, desserts or by itself.